360 Environmental’s Marine Team offers a multi-disciplined approach to the assessment and management of aquatic environments. Impacts from dredging and other infrastructure developments are often at the forefront of community concerns regarding large scale projects in the marine environment. Assessment and monitoring of these impacts remains a legislative and licensing requirement, and can represent a significant component of project monitoring costs.

Our interactive team approach promotes informed decision-making based on statistically robust methods aimed at improving the assessment of a wide range of impacts on our marine environment. Our team of marine ecologists, statisticians, software specialists in automated image analysis, spatial database system managers, and experienced field marine logistics specialists provides an integrated and holistic capability across the infrastructure, resources and port development sectors.

Furthermore, our team is capable of designing and safely delivering an appropriate and efficient means of
mapping and monitoring potentially sensitive coastal and marine benthic habitats tailored to our Client needs.
Our seamless operations creates a focused, strategic, timely and transparent service that saves our clients time
and money while ensuring delivery of a high quality product on time, every time.

360 Environmental’s Marine Capability

360 Environmental can provide clients with environmental advice and management of services on all aspects of marine planning, monitoring and management. Our team provides an integrated and holistic approach with specific and demonstrated capabilities in the following areas:


  • Aquatic Ecology - In-house aquatic ecologists work closely with strategic partners to provide expert input on all aspects of aquatic ecology. Our team continues to innovate and produce rigorous, costeffective outcomes for our clients, whilst ensuring the integrity of our approach and the clarity of our reporting gives our clients the confidence and understanding for action.
  • Environmental Approvals
    • Feasibility, risk assessment and due diligence - strategic advice.
    • Environmental impact assessments (EIA), environmental referrals and approvals.
    • Environmental licences/ permits/ registrations and provision of legislative, assessment and approvals advice (State and Federal).
  • Marine Surveys
    • Habitat assessments - project management for advanced ROV logistics and positioning systems in shallow and deep water areas and multi-purpose support vessels for surveys in a range of marine and coastal environments.
    • Marine surveys including onshore components (e.g. marine turtles), offshore components (e.g. marine  mammals) and threatened species.
    • Baseline and impact surveys - desktop and ground-truthing reconnaissance surveys, comprehensive surveys and target surveys for threatened species
    • Fish and fisheries surveys, including fisheries habitat assessment
    • Shorebird surveys 
  • Monitoring, Modelling and Management
    • Hydrodynamic modelling and coastal processes management
    • Long term population monitoring
    • Dredging monitoring and management plans
    • Marine water quality monitoring and reporting
    • Fisheries management plans.
  • Compliance and Reporting
    • Environmental auditing - certified auditors undertake compliance audits on behalf of Clients to identify improvement opportunities and ensure project compliance. Audits are undertaken to determine environmental capability, management, and condition of the subject vessels, to confirm suitability to meet legislative and project requirements. Marine dredging equipment audits cover ballast, anchoring, grey water, sewage and bilge water, water separating devices, deck management and washing, environmental education/awareness, solid wastes, chemical storage, oil spill equipment, oil record books, water quality, refuelling, bunding, maintenance of equipment and quarantine in accordance with AQIS guidelines.
    • Monitoring and reporting.
  • Geospatial Data Management - management of spatial information databases. Capabilities include 3D fly-overs, GIS solutions architecture and database management.

Project Profile
Recent projects undertaken by 360 Environmental on behalf of government and private industry clients include:

  • Dredging Environmental Management Plans for NewGen Power Station (Smithbridge) – identification and mitigation of impacts associated with the dredging program.
  • Marine environment water quality monitoring for Binningup Desalination Plant (Water Corporation) – baseline water quality investigation.
  • Dredge spoil stockpile classification to determine re-use or disposal options (Albany Port Authority) - sediment sampling, analysis and classification.
  • Pre-dredging acid sulfate soil and contamination investigation (Bunbury Port Authority) - sediment sampling, analysis and classification.
  • Maintenance dredging management (Swan Yacht Club) - the Swan Yacht Club in East Fremantle requires maintenance dredging every two to three years. 360 Environmental assists Swan Yacht Club with the environmental approvals for the dredging. This work commenced in 2007 and is ongoing. Environmental approvals for this project included the submission of a dredging environmental management plan for approval to the Swan River Trust and Department of Environment and Conservation. There was a significant sediment sampling program required for the environmental management plan.
  • Dredging and Backfilling Environmental Management Plan for the Perth Seawater Desalination Plant (Water Corporation) - sediment sampling and analysis in Cockburn sound prior to the commencement of dredging, authored the Dredging and Backfilling Environmental Management Plan and undertook water quality real time monitoring during dredging operations. Aspects included:
    • Real time marine monitoring via telemetered monitoring stations. These stations have sensors positioned at two and one metre intervals throughout the water column to provide real time dataon dissolved oxygen, temperature and conductivity;
    • Plume modelling was undertaken;
    • Marine water quality monitoring and reporting; and
    • Sediment sampling and analysis program which collected samples at the surface and depth to measure a variety of parameters. This sampling occurred pre and during dredging and backfilling.
  • Marine pipe installation marine audits for introduced species for the Perth Seawater Desalination Plant (Boskalis Australia on behalf Water Corporation’s alliance partners Multiplex Degremont Joint Venture) - barge mounted backhoe dredge with a Komatzu (PC1400) aquadigger, survey vessel, cutter suction dredge and hopper barges.
  • Outer Harbour Dredging Peer Review (Town of Cottesloe) - independent peer review of the Fremantle Port Authority Inner Harbor Dredging Program. The Public Environmental Review (PER) and the management plans were reviewed to determine the risks from the dredging program. The review investigated the health and environmental risks as a result of the dredge program and reviewed on the suitability of the marine monitoring program.


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