Jane Brook Subdivision and Land Development

Jane Brook Subdivision and Land Development
Jane Brook Subdivision and Land Development

Mirvac (WA) Pty Ltd

Provision of Environmental Services

Mirvac (WA) Pty Ltd (Mirvac) proposes to redevelop an area of predominately cleared farmland and former quarry in Jane Brook, Western Australia, into residential housing and rural lifestyle blocks. The site, Lot 502 Jane Brook Road, is located on the south side of Toodyay Road and is bounded to the east by John Forrest National Park and to the south by Jane Brook. The site is approximately 65 hectares in size.

 Area of Management

360 Environmental’s Land Development Team has been providing ongoing environmental project management, advice and services for the project since July 2006. The Team has worked in close association with the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts as part of the EPBC Act approvals, leading to the project being assessed as “Not a Controlled Action – Particular Manner”. The Team has also been working with 360 Environmental’s Soils, Water and Air Investigation Team and the Environmental Biological Services Team to co-ordinate and deliver the following services and studies for the Project:

  • Environmental Opportunities and Constraints Assessment
  • Land Capability Assessment
  • Tree Health Surveys
  • Black Cockatoo Surveys
  • Spring Flora Surveys
  • Significant Tree Surveys
  • Aboriginal Heritage Surveys and Section 18 requirements
  • Offsets Site Identification and Habitat Assessment
  • Ongoing Surface Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment


360 Environmental has worked with Mirvac to ensure the Jane Brook property development is constructed with minimal environmental impacts. The DEWHA decision for the project as Not a Controlled Action, demonstrates the success of the Environmental Project Management of the Project. The surface water monitoring of Jane Brook has ensured that the environmental integrity of the water quality within the brook has been preserved.


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